How much is your peace of mind worth?

The risk of credit card fraud can weigh heavily on the mind of a merchant. Let reduce that stress and help your business acheive compliance for only $95 a year.(less than $.30 a day).

Advantages To Our Services

Reduce reseller and merchant liability

Most processors do not share this revenue

No invoicing

Earn income per merchant verification

Income based on annual PCI fee

Advantages For Your Merchants

Auto email communications to your merchants for Welcome Emails, Renewals, Status Changes, etc...

On screen signatures for attestations (1st in the industry to complete this.)

Add, Edit, or Disable your merchants directly in the portal.

IP Address automatically uploaded to portal for scanning merchants.

We store the merchants SAQ data so renewals can be completed by just reviewing the SAQ in the system.

Merchants can print their own certificates or attestations upon completion.

PCI Compliance Is Mandatory

The Card Brands have mandated that ALL MERCHANTS must comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) found at

The majority of all card data security breach cases occur at small retail locations, including land-line dial terminal merchants.


Improper storage of paper receipts and reports containing cardholder data.

Improper care when handling a customer's credit card.

Improper storage of card information on computer systems in an unsecured fashion.

Improper storage of hand written credit card information.

Improper or nonfunctioning firewalls between a physical dial terminal and another device that may be connected
to the Internet.

Utilizing software that is not PCI compliant and is improperly storing cardholder data in an unsecured fashion.

The use of unsecured voice over IP communication technology.

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