How much is your peace of mind worth?

The risk of credit card fraud can weigh heavily on the mind of a merchant. Let reduce that stress and help your business acheive compliance for only $95 a year.(less than $.30 a day).

Self Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ)

Option 1:  Click here to register on the pci site and fill out your SAQ on line. You will use your merchant id number and your zip code to register.

Option 2:   Select the appropriate form in the SAQ file list to manually submit your SAQ form. For help deciding which SAQ is for you, click here

               Published 5-11-17

SAQ File Download

SAQ A SAQ B SAQ C SAQ C(VT) SAQ D for merchants SAQ D for service providers SAQ A-EP* B-IP* P2PE-HW

               Published 5-11-17